A sharehouse that comes with homemade meals prepared by a lovely young couple!

There are surely people out there, even those who are great cooks, who feel making dinner amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday to be quite burdensome and yearn for the days their mothers used to cook for them.

I want to eat great food all the time!
I don’t want to do anything at all when I get home of a day!
I just want privacy!

If this sounds like you, then Egao Ippaiya is a sharehouse that checks all the boxes and you will fall in love with.

The food prepared in this Osaka-based sharehouse is healthy and delicious, homemade fresh every day. I personally had the opportunity of tasting what they had to offer and putting aside flattery for the sake of the article, what I can tell you is that the meals are fresh, colorful offerings reminiscent of a stylish cafe menu any young woman would go crazy about. That said, traditional Japanese food made just like mom is also thrown into the mix resulting in a nice fusion of flavors. This is because Ms. Yamamoto, who looks after the sharehouse, grew up helping the family delicatessen business when she was in school. I personally believe that a great community will come forth from Egao Ippaiya with food being made ever so hospitably by this young couple.

There is no mistaking that eating dinner gathered around one big table with all of your housemates is a great way to foster communication, breakdown barriers and bring everyone closer together. Eating great food with great friends at the dinner table may just make the food taste even better.

Let’s waste no more time and have a look at the house in more detail.

「Egao Ippaiya」House Details Page


The elevator doors open and visitors are welcomed by this cute doll and house nameplate.

Returning home to a warm dinner is definitely something to smile about itself.


Egao Ippaiya takes up its own floor in an apartment building.


This is the entrance to the common room, and inside is where all the tenants come to hang out.


The table, a structure exuding the warmth of its wooden materials, is great place for a chat and a cup of tea

Room 302 is a common room for the residents of Egai Ippaiya.


The young owners make food for everyone with love in this kitchen.


The family area in the common room seems like a great place to relax after dinner.


An example of dinner. They really try to prepare healthy, nutritious food for everyone, which is great news for those who can’t be bothered to cook things like seafood dishes themselves.


An example of breakfast. Crepes, salad, fruit and coffee. You can transport yourself to a cafe environment without even leaving the house.


A message board and chalk to write anything you like, an item rarely seen in everyday households.


A wooden table in a tatami mat room undeniably evokes a traditional Japanese atmosphere.


There is a large television in the living room. Makes you think of home, doesn’t it?


The communal bathroom. A bath, sink and toilet can also be found in each of the tenant’s rooms.


The communal toilet is kept nice and clean.


The communal washbasin.


A key rack near the front door.


The presence of a rice cooker makes you feel even more at home.


The owner worked in France as a pattern maker and there are little ornaments here and there around the house that reflect this.


Model Room (305-A) Cute and simple rooms are each highlighted with a splash of color.

These mini-apartments have 3 bedrooms for 3 people to move into, with a kitchen, bathroom, toilet and washbasin. These small 3-person makeshift families combine to become the main family that is Egao Ippaiya.


The red and orange color-themed living room of Room 304.


Beautiful floorboards extending in from the front hallway make you excited about your new life in a sharehouse.


The recently renovated bathroom in Room 304.


The brand new washbasin in Room 304.


Room 304’s toilet has been decorated with this cute color combination.


Bedroom 304-A.


Bedroom 304-B. Rooms B and C have balcony access.


Bedroom 304-C. Rooms B and C have balcony access.


The living room in Room 305. This is a corner room and very bright with natural light.


It also has a great shoe storage area and has a real at-home feel.


Room 305’s living room is reminiscent of a cafe with its white furniture against the stylish wallpaper.


Room 305’s kitchen. This sharehouse may come with meals included, however you can also cook for yourself if you so desire.


The washbasin in Room 305. You’ll be happy to know that there are also colorful laundry bags for each resident in this room.


Bedroom 305-A. This is the model room.


Bedroom 305-B. Rooms B+C have balcony access.


Bedroom 305-C. Rooms B+C have balcony access.


Looking after this house is the Yamamoto husband and wife team from the Egao Ippaiya company.

The couple have quite a unique background, with Mrs. Yamamoto having worked in the clothing industry and both of them running food stalls beneath the Eiffel Tower in France. It is not the most common history and it is impossible to grow tired of their story. One of the real pleasures of living in a sharehouse must certainly be talking to a wide variety of people who share their ideals and inspire you to embark on a journey of your own.

Such a unique environment brings tenants much closer to the owners here, who are providing meals five days a week, in comparison to those of other houses. There are many people who move to Osaka and to start new lives in the big city. Sure, you could live by yourself and have all the freedom you could ask for, but wouldn’t it be much more reassuring to be somewhere with people who cook you dinner?

A long time ago boarding houses that provided meals were commonplace, and I feel that given today’s society of weakening social connections, this is a resurrection of that kind of lifestyle. A happy home is a safe and sound home, and this cannot be achieved without healthy and wholesome habits. Egao Ippaiya may just be the place that has all these qualities and more with its nutrient rich, homemade meals.

/Author: Takahashi

Kotatsu house
House DetailKotatsu house
Area Suwa, Joto-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Rent ¥28,000 ~ ¥34,000
Gakkentoshisen line Hanaten station 8 mins walk
Osakahigashisen line Hanaten station 8 mins walk
Condition Female

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