A prestigious school with a heavy emphasis on the cultivation of global-minded talented individuals

International House Sydney (hereafter IH) was opened as a training school for English teachers. The school has a unique environment where international exchange students, as well as native English speakers studying to become English teachers, come together on one campus.

IH Sydney is conveniently located close to Wynyard and Town Hall train stations. The school buildings are historical architectural structures, giving students a kind of exclusive, European-style atmosphere within which to study. The school is bright and cheerful with its yellow and blue interior. There is also a high level of student satisfaction, with a great balance of different nationalities studying within its walls and experienced, easy to understand teachers in employment as the school is also a place of training for would-be teachers.

Students who enroll with little confidence in their English abilities will graduate as fully-fledged English teachers before moving on to take on the world. The school has many strong, assertive students who actively participate in class.
This article will look into why IH Sydney is so popular, as well as show you around the campus itself.

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Point ①:Learn how to teach English to children

The 6 week J-SHINE intensive course is available in both Japanese and English and is perfect for students who wish to teach English to children (age 4-12) in Japan. Classes are fast-paced and easy to understand, making this a very popular course among students. Check out this linkto see a video of the English language class. If you’re interested in seeing the Japanese-language class, clickhere.


In class everyone follows the same dream and therefore gets along really well.


You need to always have a trick up your sleeve when teaching children.


The wall is covered with pictures actually used to teaching English.



Point ②:Aim to teach English anywhere in the world with TESOL

TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language) is an accredited professional qualification recognised on an international level. It enables you to teach adults over the age of 13 all around the world and is an extremely useful certification for people who want to teach at English Conversation schools, or even open their own English language schools in the future. Click
this linkto check out a TESOL class in action.


Teachers with expert knowledge in the teaching of English


Classes in the General English course specialize in communication.


Chatting with friends after class.


There is a fun atmosphere with an abundance of activities in which to participate.


There are computers as well as free WIFI on campus.


The exterior of the school on Clarence Street.


Students relaxing in the common area.


Talk to the student officer if you are in trouble or ever need any help.

General English classes place particular focus on communication and study English that you can use in real life! International House Sydney provides a great environment with small classes of approximately 12 students and a balance of different nationalities studying together. The reason why this school welcomes so many international exchange students year after year can be found by looking at the experienced, knowledgeable teachers and their teaching methods and the staff’s kind, loving care towards the students.

Having personally observed the classes at IH myself, I can attest to the zeal and enthusiasm of the teachers there even after being in attendance for only a few hours. Students taking the TESOL and J-SHINE courses in particular are putting in tough days at school in order to attain certification as quickly as possible, with no time to sleep or work. Nevertheless, after completing the course students will look back at their uneasy, insecure former selves and find them unrecognisable as they step firmly towards their next stage in life with a face full of smiles. The reassuring support of the school pushes students to do their very best, and International House Sydney has sent out over 5000 English teachers into the world. These courses are a must for improving skills and opening up a whole world of opportunities.

/Author: Kaori