A new sharehouse supporting the lifestyles of women in Joto-ku, Osaka!

This female-exclusive sharehouse is in Midoribashi.
Midoribashi isn’t one of those famous places in Osaka everyone has heard of, however it could be called one of Osaka’s well-kept-secrets and there does exist quite a few sharehouses in the area to attest to this. Let’s first talk a bit about Midoribashi.
The area around Midoribashi station has all the things one needs, including a supermarket and hospital, and a 10-minute bicycle ride takes you to places like the symbol of Osaka, Osaka Castle Park, shopping center Morinomiya Q’s Mall BASE. The Umeda and Namba areas are 5 to 6 km away, or a good 30 minute bike ride. Two train lines service the local station, the Chuo Line and the Imazatosuji Line, making Midoribashi a great place from which to get to anywhere in the city relatively stress free. /p>

Golden House Midoribashi is genuinely a house made with the comfort of female residents in mind.
True to expectations of a female-only sharehouse, I found this one to be very beautiful and clean when I went over to check it out. While the same can be said for all newly constructed properties, what’s special about this house is that its practical design and functionality you can imagine what your life will be like living here immediately. The house is close to the city, yet the area around the house is quiet and serene. Sharehouses focused on things like communication and self-actualization are on the rise lately, however one can’t forget the importance of design and functionality in one’s life. When you think about it, sharehouses are actually a rare kind of property. Golden House Midoribashi has taken what everyone looks for in a one room apartment and created the perfect living environment. If this has gotten you interested, don’t hesitate to take yourself over there and check out the house. While you’re there you should walk around Midoribashi. You’ll be able to imagine yourself living there right away.

Let’s take a closer look at the property.

「Golden House Midoribashi」House Details Page


Golden House Midoribashi has a simple yet functionally-designed entrance.

The front entrance has more than enough space for its 10 residents and has the pleasing scent of new timber.


It’s rare to find a sharehouse in a newly constructed property. This is a house worthy of your residence.


This sharehouse is like living in your own home with family. Mailboxes for each resident can be found at the entrance.


Chuo-Odori and Imasatosuji train line intersect at Midoribashi. The Umeda and Namba areas are 5 to 6 km away.


Konomiya, a low-priced supermarket, is 3-minutes walk away from the house. The second floor is a walk-in dental clinic.


The sharehouse can be reached in 3 minutes after going out Exit 6 at Midoribashi station.


The house is located on the left after a short walk north alongside the train tracks.


The house does have a washing machine, but there is also a coin laundry conveniently located nearby.


The entrance was under construction during our visit. It looks like it's going to be a warm design using wooden boards.


The keyless entry system uses a touch panel for access. No need to worry about lost keys!


A large shelving unit for storing shoes sits to the left of the front door.


The living, dining and kitchen occupy a 66.12㎡ space and offers a calm, peaceful environment.

The comfortable living room is enough to entice everyone to want to live here. This is a genuine sharehouse that doesn’t try to overreach itself.


Residents can enjoy one fulfilling day after another in this space with its exquisite use of color.


One of the major pitfalls of living alone is lack of kitchen space. This female-exclusive sharehouse of course offers a large, spacious kitchen for residents to use.


There is space on the rooftop to hang clothes out to dry and dust futons.


The 2F staircase and hallway. The are 10 rooms in total, 5 each on the second and third floors.


A shot from the living room entrance facing the kitchen. I think you can an idea of the room’s warmth and comfort from this picture.


A comfy sofa with it’s just-right cushions.


The lovely light bulbs in the kitchen casts down a soft light.


Round, stylish mirrors in the living room. Everything in the room works together to create a charming atmosphere.


The oven, microwave and rice cooker are all brand new.


Tableware and cups are provided for the 10 residents.


The kitchenware is also brand new.


One of the hallways in the house. Spotlessness as far as the eye can see!


The door on the right may look wooden, but it’s actually made out of metal to help soundproof the rooms.


A large tub no woman can do without to soak away the day’s troubles

Bathtubs found in one room apartments can be very small and narrow. This beautiful, spacious bathroom will have residents wanting to fill up the tub and have a soak!


Left of the front door is the laundry and a row of washbasins.


In addition to the bathroom, there is also another shower. It’s compact design means it's great for warming up in winter.


There are two different sized washing machines residents can use depending on the size of their washing loads.


There is shared shelving for all residents to use in the 1F laundry.


Bathroom scales. Whether you want to use them or not, they are a must-have item!


The Rinnnai hotwater heater is easy to operate.


There is a toilet on each floor. That’s 3 in total, more than enough for 10 residents.


Everything has been thought of, right down to tiny details like this corner caddy in the toilet.


Room 205. This room is furnished with items from Francfranc.

Francfranc furniture turns this simple room into an adorable one. A private room is an important place we fill with all of our favorite things and rest our mind, body and soul. The closer you come to creating your ideal room, the happier you will be.


Rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, chair, trash can and fitted with an airconditioner and closet.


Another room shot. The floorboards make for easy cleaning.


The desk and chair are simple in design and color. With items you use everyday, it’s best to stick with something of which you won’t grow tired.


The closest is quite large with enough space to fit a suitcase inside.


Turn off the lights when you’re laying down in bed with this remote control.

Running this house is real estate firm Plenty Plans. The company currently manages four properties in the Golden House series, including Golden House Midoribashi. Their houses are popular with their great designs and convenient locations. One of their houses,
Golden House Sanadayama Park, is located near a park that takes its name from Sanada Maru, a famous fortification attached to Osaka castle that is the subject of a current Japanese historical drama. Golden House Midoribashi is also a newly-constructed house that provides a safe, comfortable environment for women. We were lucky enough to meet the owner of the house, who is an Osaka man through and through and very easy to talk to. He loves Osaka greatly and that’s why he is in the know about the best places to live in the city. What a wonderful thing it is to be able to do what do love in the place you love.

This sharehouse in particular may be new, but a house made with such love like this one will surely come to be just as loved by its residents.

/Author: Takahashi