We would like to announce that Tokyo Sharehouse’s event social networking service starts as of today! http://tokyosharehouse.com/jpn/event http://tokyosharehouse.com/jpn/event

It has almost been 1 year and 8 months since we began TOKYOSHAREHOUSE.COM.

Since then, we have not only received a great amount of hits on our site but also our opportunities to meet other people have increased, being invited to many events held by the managers and tenants of numerous sharehouses and making plans to hold sharehouse bus tours for school groups. We are very thankful for this and would like to express our gratitude.

This event service came about while discussing how to convey the merits of a sharehouse and the unique community within. Sharehouses are places where people live together with relative strangers, but before moving in nobody knows who they will be living with, or what kind of lives they are living, right?

We believe by a house holding events people can interact with those living there and get a feel for the mood of the house before moving in.

Sharehouse events usually involve a house viewing or house party, but it is also possible to hold lessons and seminars in the common areas with the tenants taking on the role of teacher, or for everyone to gather and create something together in a workshop. Our platform allows anyone to create an event along these lines, and for anyone to participate or comment on the post.
※For a more detailed explanation, please visit here.

We’re not saying that everyday is full of fun and excitement in a sharehouse. We ourselves are committed first and foremost to providing a portal site showcasing safe and comfortable sharehouses to the public, therefore we aim to work on this project without losing sight of our primary objectives.

That said, in speaking with a variety of industry professionals and people of all ages we received a lot of interest from those wanting to help out and before too long it was time to go live with our project, I am sure that there are people out there who will discover our platform and use it to put together an event of their own.

We hope that our service will influence people to add a little extra fun into their lives.

The design and functions of the service is the result of numerous discussions involving everyone working on the project, but as there is no point to a platform that isn’t user-friendly we will continue to make improvements based on the opinions of the users.

So, please don’t hesitate in contacting us if you find any aspects of the service hard to use or if you have any ideas for improvement.

We would also like to provide a platform for other interesting events as well, including co-working space events and other related ‘share’-themed events. Please let us know if you are unsure about any event ideas.

We will continue in our efforts hoping that shared living will be the catalyst in creating new encounters and interactions and would love to have you all there supporting us along the way.

Tokyo Sharehouse LLC
CEO Tetsuro Moriyama