This is a notification to all of you who visit this blog.
Starting today, we began offering the portal site "Sharehouse" where you can search for sharehouses all over the world!
As a result of the globalization, things will be split across oceans and national borders, but as Japanese sharehouses are different, the market scale is difficult to grasp.  With a change in language and living environment comes a change is what is needed, and there may be many things that our site does not address.

Even so, if people are able to come together and go about their daily lives, we think that the share lifestyle exists all around the world.  Having a place to live in a community is important not just for people visiting a place for the first time, but for everybody in this age of increasing globalization.  We have put a lot of thought into this and while we cannot say that things are 100% ready, we have taken the step of embarking on this new stage.

Thinking in that way, while it is easy to change course, actually experiencing a sharehouse overseas and if possible getting thoughts and opinions of hosts in various countries is important.  Today, as we open the global version, I have come to Canada, and next weekend I plan to go to Seattle.

I have just started my activities overseas, but I have already come across many fresh and surprising things that I never saw in Japan.  Conversely, I was able to discover that thought the countries vary the share lifestyle has a lot of things in common, and there have been lots of new things awaiting me.

A big party space in the backyard,

the living room attached the kitchen being open with a great feeling,

the rear garden is like a playground.

However, we still can't say that sharehouses are without issues.  There are limits on what we can do.  Therefore, if you know of any study abroad students or overseas travelers that have said things like "That sharehouse was great" or "Thanks to my home stay I made lots of great memories when I studied abroad," please introduce us to them or their hosts.

Along with the globalization activities, we are also able to introduce things from all over Japan.  Soon we will cover as wide an area as possible from Hokkaido to Okinawa and introduce a lot of unique sharehouses, so please keep following our national version as well.

 In the global version we will introduce a variety of places from all over the world, and while doing so we want to help people all over the world with their own activities.

We don't know how many years it might take to achieve such a goal, but we hope you will take the journey with us.


Tetsuro Moriyama / Founder