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Connecting people with share house living all around the world

Hello, Moriyama here.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 2 years and 5 months since we started Tokyo Sharehouse (http://tokyosharehouse.com), our portal website showcasing sharehouses mainly in the metropolitan area of Tokyo.

We worked hard everyday with the objective of providing sharehouse information to a large number of people, meeting unique and creative folks and getting many people to visit our site not just from within Japan but worldwide also. Thank you very much.

Every now and then we get feedback from people who have found sharehouse accommodation through our site, and it brings us happiness as well as a sense of accomplishment when we know we have given a helping hand to this new, unique lifestyle of shared living.

Every day is a little unique when living with other people, being considerate of others just as they are of you.

While it is not all fun and games, I believe shared living fosters connections between people that enriches the mind and from here on I want to continue broadening possibilities and conveying the sharehouse appeal to many people and would love to have everyone there supporting us. 

So now, we at Tokyo Sharehouse have started up our global site Sharehouse (http://sharehouse.in) in line with our vision of connecting people with shared living all around the world, having begun quietly working on it a few months ago. 

We are going global.

 It’s easier said than done, but we would regret not doing something just because it was difficult so we have come all the way to New York.

At Central Park

We figured that New York would naturally be one place people would share residences, however the prevalence and understanding of shared living is completely different from Japan. Nevertheless, the people here listen to us intently when we talk about the popularization of shared housing and the practical use of shared space in Japan.

The spread of foreign-friendly sharehouses would stimulate the tourism industry, with many people responding to us saying “Japanese sharehouses seem interesting so if I had the chance I would definitely want to live over there. Just going to the major sightseeing spots then returning home isn’t fun at all.”

We don’t know how far our journey will take us, but with this trip as our starting point we hope to provide you with news of what’s going on in share houses overseas, share the magic brought about by connections made in overseas shared housing and other things we find interesting, so come along and enjoy the ride.

We will introduce you the shared living lifestyle throughout the world.

When starting a business many ideas are criticized, however this may not be such a bad thing when attempting things you believe in.

We may run into obstacles and face failures along the way, and we may not be able to achieve our dreams straight away, but we would love your continued support to help us do so.

Author / Moriyama
As founder and CEO of Tokyo Sharehouse, I aim for a society in which we can freely connect with the world and everything in it. I believe there lies hidden many free and enriching, interesting stories to be told in this world and want to set about discovering them for the everyone to share.

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