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Towards a future connecting you with share house lifestyles around the world.

New Year’s is at last upon us.

I’m sure you all have experienced a lot with work, in personal relationships and throughout your day to day lifestyles this past year, so why don’t we look back and reflect on the year that was?

For me the year went by in the blink of an eye as I tried my best to focus on things right in front of me. Despite much failure and reflection I gained experience venturing into new fields and I feel as though it was a stimulating and worthwhile year for me.

Although our site still needs much improvement, we exist and were able to bring in another new year because of everyone who visits the site and the lovely folk managing the share houses. Thank you all very much.

This past year we were kindly welcomed to visit a large number of share houses mainly in the metropolitan area. We are very grateful to be able to continue doing things like talking to people living in the share houses and hearing their stories and getting the management to answer our questions.

It was also a year that saw ideas and proposals being suggested by staff members, not only in the shooting of properties but as well as coming up with and participating in our own events.

We planned a bus tour to go around and check out great unique share houses,

Leased communal areas in share houses for Ladies’ Nights,

and we received a call from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in regards to the share house industry and assisted in opening a forum where we were lucky to get many share house business operators to attend.

would like to make use of the experience gained from participating in such hectic yet rewarding events in the future, so if you have any interesting ideas by all means let us know.

Also, the biggest event of the year for us was opening our global site “” that allows you to search for share houses all over the world.

We have also begun to introduce share houses not only in the Kanto region but also in many areas throughout Japan including the Hokkaido, Tokai, Kansai and Kyushu regions.

Our site is accessed a lot from overseas by exchange students who have graduated and people of foreign nationality, and we are very excited about the prospect of being able to help people not just in Kanto but throughout Japan and the world.

“Who is going to take photos of the property?”

“Let’s do it ourselves for the time being.”

“How are we going to get there?”

“By plane.”



Various discussions were had amongst staff in the lead up to opening our global site, and trying to work things out all the while tearing our hair out, it was actually quite fun proceeding with things in preparation for the realization of our objective.

Of course, challenging new things means venturing into the unknown and not everything had positive results.

There were many times we faced feelings of frustration and depression, however I believe that by stepping back to broaden our outlook and focus on where we were headed lead us to discovering certain steps to be able to see new things.

As the number of share properties we showcase is still quite low, it is necessary to keep improving both the system and the design in order to handle the promotion of worldwide share-living lifestyle.

That said, share houses do have an appeal not found in conventional leases and for people who take their dreams and aspirations and leap into these unknown neighborhoods, they are invaluable, fascinating places where magic happens and encounters are born.

Although we don’t know how far we will go in the future, we would like to continue our activities in developing connections between people all over the world while bringing you the news and communicating the appeal of shared living as we have been doing, and we hope to have you there supporting us along the way.

So once again, thank you for a great year.

We hope you all have a happy new year and that it is again one full of wonderful experiences.

Author / Moriyama
As founder and CEO of Tokyo Sharehouse, I aim for a society in which we can freely connect with the world and everything in it. I believe there lies hidden many free and enriching, interesting stories to be told in this world and want to set about discovering them for the everyone to share.