Life in a share house nurtured by the colors of nature

This time around braving the incessant snow, we visited Hokkaido right in the middle of winter. Naturally, we experienced severe cold weather and while we may have regretted going in during the winter season, it was because we did visit mid-winter that were able to see the things that we saw.

The structure and facilities of buildings themselves differ depending on the land and climate of an area, and so too does the interaction of those who live there. For example, those structured to escape the severe cold and the interaction it fosters. During especially cold times opportunities to go outside decrease, and communication comes about by huddling around the fireplace or kotatsu with friends. By engaging in activities such as having friendly chats around the fire drinking tea, watching movies and playing board games you will surely be able to connect with others who are a little different from you.

We also saw that the facilities of the buildings themselves are carefully designed to endure the cold, with double-paned windows so as not to let the heat escape and rarely seen types of heating devices installed everywhere we went.

We are pleased to introduce to you D-room Share Sapporo Shiroishi, a large share house recently opened in October, 2013.

In this private-style living space newcomers to shared living can move in without worry, making it easy for those who may be interested but are unable to take that first step to begin their shared living lifestyle without destroying their own personal space.

Let’s get right into it and have a look!!

「D-room Share Sapporo Shiroishi」House Details Page


A 5 minute walk to nearby Shiroishi station with a bicycle path right in front of the house.

Approximately 15 minutes by train to the heart of Sapporo. You can also get all the way to the city on the bicycle path in front of the share house. Wouldn’t it be great to cycle into town when the snow thaws?


Here is the building sign. It’s called ‘D-room’ because it is part of a series of experimental rental properties created by Daiwa House.

Entering the building we find this space next to the shoe lockers. It’s called ‘The Green Lounge’ and is used a smoking area.


This is what the entrance looks like. 

You can retrieve your mail from the post boxes lined along the outside the building from inside.

There is also a communal laundry on the right hand side just as you enter. 

The fireplace in the lounge creates a natural warmth typical of Hokkaido.

Branching off from the main hallway we find the spacious main lounge with a relaxing atmosphere you’ll never want to leave.


Note the firewood and stove in front of the brick wall. You can warm right up just by looking at this picture!

Unified by a relaxed color scheme, relatively low-to-the-ground furniture have been placed around the room and makes you feel as if you really are one with nature.


You might feel like you’ve become somewhat of an important person sitting down on one of these high quality sofas.  

Above the magazine rack there is a speaker to which you can connect your smartphone and play music.

There are also leather-covered stools here and there completing the interior design.

A spacious kitchen fosters communication through cooking

As there are no barriers in this open kitchen you can continue to have fun with your friends while cooking.。 


Eat cereal for breakfast at the counter. It’s as if your everyday could become a scene straight from television

The dining table is a simple yet quality wooden structure.


The area around the kitchen is also quite spacious. 

With so much space available you could possibly use part of it as your own work area.

Furnished with two induction cook tops and sinks.。

Includes space to use as you please, be it the theatre room or relaxation space

It is quite a large share house, however what makes it different from other rental properties is that you can modify areas to suit your mood or needs. The big appeal of this share house is its extravagant facilities that are one rank up from the rest.


Guided by this magnificent sign and opening this slightly heavy door... 

You find a giant theatre room. You can enjoy a movie with a large number of people on the 5.1ch surround sound theatre system. 


A beautiful light filters in at the end of the hallway that runs down the middle of the building.  

Here is a relaxation room anyone can hang out in. 

A message board vital for the communication of housemates spreads out over one wall in the hallway. 

Rooms are an average of above 20㎡. Furnished with storage space, bed, desk, and heating as well as a bathroom

There is plenty of space for one person, so even if you have never lived in shared arrangements before you can grow accustomed to shared living while protecting your own personal space in these private rooms.


Rooms are fully-furnished and ready to move into even if you bring just one suitcase! 

You can pretty much do anything in this room so you can regulate your life by dividing time between spending time with others and spending time by yourself. 


Here is the bathroom and refrigerator in the rooms.

Private rooms and communal areas both have a heating system that heats the room by circulating hot water and is very warm. 

Plenty of storage space. You can store your long coats without the hems reaching the ground.

Managing this share house is MASSIVE SAPPORO Corporation, which already looks after 5 other share properties in the city. The property is owned by Daiwa Living, which manages 36,000 rental properties throughout Japan, and project management was supervised by ReBITA, a company with many high quality city share houses under their belt.

MASSIVE SAPPORO, with its location in the city, takes care of management. We were very impressed with the sincerity of the staff member in charge of this house, as they have actually had experience living in a share house before and uses that experience to manage more efficiently.

The staff member says that because they have lived in a share house themselves before they want the tenants to enjoy themselves too, and different kinds of entertainment and events are held periodically.

While in Hokkaido I was lucky enough to get to stay in another of MASSIVE SAPPORO’s share house properties. The tenants were all wonderful people, hanging out with me playing board games even though I wouldn’t be there for very long, and I had a great time. It was charming to see that the staff and tenants are quite close to each other.

Shared housing has not had a lot of recognition in this area yet. We want to make it appeal to people that fact that it’s cheaper than normal rental properties and because of that you are able to come in contact with people you normally wouldn’t.

The management’s strong enthusiasm in regards to shared housing will surely spread to the people of Hokkaido and there is no doubt that it will gain popularity as a new way of living.

And I am also going to start thinking about what I can do to help achieve this.

/Author: Kagawa


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