Nippon Tochi Tatemono Co., Ltd has announced that it will open a sharehouse complete with music studio facilities in Hongo, Funabashi in Chiba prefecture on February 2014.

The house is a 85-room large-scale building and will not only have hotel-like spacious communal areas but 3 completely soundproof music studios catering to a range of uses from solo practices to band performances.


【Building Concept】
①The realization of a building in which tenants can enjoy an otherwise unattainable high quality sharehouse lifestyle with a classy, large-scale common area.
②The fostering of communication between tenants via music with 3 soundproof professional music studios on the basement level.


【Features of communal areas】
Interior design and selection of furniture reminiscent of a high class hotel lobby in the theme of ‘urban style’. The 1F boasts an atrium in the entrance and is complete with a living/dining area (113.25m²), kitchen (74.99m²) and multi-purpose room (81.11m²).
A stylish bar counter in the kitchen, a projector to enjoy viewing sporting events in large numbers, a small stage in the multi-purpose room for events and performances and a mixing room for composing songs have all been added to the house with the aim of creating an enriching community between tenants.       


【Property Summary】
Name: (temporary) The Nishi-Funabashi Sharehouse Project
Address Chiba-ken, Funabashi-shi, Hongo-cho 551-2
Closest station: 12-minute walk from Nishi-Funabashi station
Structure: Reinforced concrete and part steel construction

Scope: 5 storeys high with basement
Purpose: Lodging house

Total floor space: 3,727.27 ㎡

Total rooms: 85 rooms
Enterprise: Nippon Tochi Tatemono Co.,Ltd
Planning: Overseen by Nippon Tochi Tatemono Co., Ltd Architects and Associates

Interior design: Overseen by Field for Design
Construction: Masuokagumi, K.K.

Press release
Regarding commencement of construction of sharehouse with 3 professional music studios and high-standard communal area

※Posted on this site on 1/1/2014 and reviewed on 1/9.。

This sharehouse is sure to please music lovers with not only an extravagant common-use area but 3 fully soundproofed professional music studios. We’re very interested in seeing what kind of stories will spring forth from a shared lifestyle filled with music.

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