Start a new life in Sydney in a comfortable location close to the city

Sydney, Australia, the face of the southern hemisphere, is a world-class city and the most populated economic hub in Australia. Many people mistake this city for the capital because it is much more lively than Canberra both culturally and economically. Sydney is also popular with Japanese tourists, one reason being that with only a 1-hour time difference travellers to the city need not worry about jet-lag.

Today we introduce to you AAE House Hurlstone Park, a sharehouse in Sydney all the way across the ocean down in the southern hemisphere. The house sits in a quiet residential area and features plenty space to make the most of Aussie life. There is great access to the city and is the perfect place for people just starting out their Sydney adventure.

A majority of the tenants are Japanese people (depending on the season) who have come to Sydney for language study or working holiday.

There are many room share properties in Sydney, but this property allows you to retain some privacy with single rooms for rent and give you a great start to living in a foreign country.

Let’s move on and take a look inside the house!!

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30-minutes from the city centre with a public park next door to enjoy walking or cycling

The house is 25 minutes by train from Sydney Central Station, and then a 7-minute walk from the local station, a very convenient location for those commuting to work or school.


The house sits in a quiet residential area with tranquil atmosphere.


In front of the house is Hurlstone Park, which lends its name to the local train station. You can just imagine the park flurrying with activity on the weekends with people having barbecues, soccer matches, cycling and walking.


This is nearby station Hurlstone Park. You can buy a weekly ticket to the city.


It might be an idea to relax out the front of the house on a sunny day, drinking coffee and enjoying a good book.


エThere are also table and chairs set up along the path to the entrance, perfect for a BBQ or two!


Spacious living areas are found within the brick house

The interior of the house is spacious and open, and with the owners exclusively using the upstairs living room, the ground floor living area is for tenants to use as they please. Cleaning and chores are divided up between the residents and carried out around once a week.


The living room extends beyond front door for you to sit down and relax on the comfortable sofas.


The living area at the back of the room also exhibits a relaxing atmosphere with leather sofas lining the walls.


The living room from a different angle.


The dining table sits opposite the kitchen and tenants often eat meals here together.


The kitchen is also clean and spacious, which is very convenient given that with the high cost of living in Sydney, many people studying here make meals and things themselves.


The living area at the back of the house is illuminated by subdued, warm light in the evenings.


Step out into a large garden through the glass door.


Hanging out your washing here on a sunny day would feel very refreshing. 


Single and Twin rooms boasting plenty of storage space

Single rooms are recommended for those who want to maintain a sense of privacy. Get stuck into your study at the provided desk and chair.


The chair provided in this room is leather and very comfortable to sit in. This is a much-have item for those working from their computers at home.


This is the twin room. It isn’t available for rent at the moment, but this room has great natural light and is quite large, not giving the impression of being cramped at all.


The city property is an apartment-style sharehouse with use of a communal pool, gym and sauna.

The living room. The owner uses this room on the 24th floor as his own personal office from 1pm-5pm. Having someone around to talk to and confide in is something people starting a new life overseas will be thankful for.


The appeal of this city property is its facilities, which include a pool,


a fitness gym, sauna and squash court among other things. It all seems so luxurious!


The entrance of the apartment building is very elegant, with staff working 24/7.


The twin room. It’s rare to come across such quality in a city with an increasingly high cost of living.


The owners. The wife is a Japanese woman, which offers peace of mind to Japanese nationals who have trouble with English.


Looking after the managerial side of things at AAE House Hurlstone Park is Agency Australia Education. One of the owners, Ms. Haruko, is a Japanese woman who has lived in Sydney for more than 30 years, and those new to Sydney will no doubt be able to ask her for a lot of advice. Plus, having someone nearby to talk to and consult about things is, above all else, very reassuring.

Sydney is famous for being a multicultural city, with people of all nationalities and races calling the city home. It is for this reason that one of the great appeals of living here is the opportunity to meet not just Australians, but people from all over the world and learn about their respective history and cultures. Walking around the city the atmosphere changes abruptly as you pass through Koreatown, Chinatown and Thai Town, and you become acutely aware that this really is a multicultural country.

Aside from the high cost of living, it’s a great place to live and as there are many different types of schools throughout the city you can choose where to study depending on your personal interests.

In future we hope to showcase sharehouses together with language schools, so please look forward to those articles.


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