With all of the English language schools in Sydney, you may be wondering how on earth you should go about gathering information on them all. That’s where we step in, showcasing 10 schools in Sydney in part one of this article series. If you like the sound of a particular school click the school page link for more information! Please feel free to contact us as we take reservations for free school inspections and trial lessons at our Sharehouse Australia portal site. (Click for more information )

Schools in this article

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La Lingua Language School

This is a school for people who want to talk. The school logo is even a mouth! The staff here are enthusiastic about creating a fun and enjoyable school, and the students walking around campus with big smiles on their faces is proof that whatever they are doing is working. It’s a safe and secure environment for exchange students beginning their English-speaking journey and people on working holidays.   →Visit the school’s page


・Conversation centered classes focusing on English you can use in real life
・Close relationships between students and their teachers and counsellors
・Teachers must love their jobs here with many veteran members on staff

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International House Sydney

This is a popular school offering programs perfect for people who want to be English teachers, with their J-Shine course and English Teaching training units. This school is recommended for people who want to use English in their future careers, or who are looking for experience overseas as well as to gain English proficiency as well as a certificate to go with it. Complete the course and obtain qualifications advantageous to your job-seeking activities back home. It’s a unique environment where native English speakers are also studying to become EFL/ESL teachers. →Visit the school’s page


・As a school offering English teacher training courses, its own teachers are experienced and highly qualified
・Conversation-based classes focus on speaking ability
・Provides excellent training for students who want to be English teachers in the future

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North Sydney English College

If you’re looking for a good quality school that won’t have you breaking the bank, this is the one for you. Reasonable rates mean that many students chose to study here long term. It’s also a great place to make friends with plenty of activities to participate in. Feel safe and secure with friendly Japanese staff to support you during your time here. →Visit the school’s page


・Reasonable rates allow students to attend longer and study harder
・Great chance to improve your English skills in an environment with few Japanese students.
・The school has many friendly, experienced teachers, and students enjoy close relationships with them

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Lloyds International College

This is a sister school to North Sydney English College, also popular with reasonable course fees. A flexible timetable means that even working students can arrange their schedules around their lifestyles, with classes in the morning and evening. This is a great school for people who prefer a cozy, friendly environment. →Visit the school’s page


・Make friends easily in a friendly environment with plenty of activities to participate in
・Great chance to improve English skills with few Japanese students around
Study for longer with reasonable course fees

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Performance English (Eurocentres)

This is the Sydney campus of Eurocentres Group schools, who have set up language schools all over the world. They hire only the best teachers and staff even periodically observe classes to check the quality of the classes. The Sydney campus is a small scale school with a cozy environment. With an even ratio of student nationalities the amount of other Japanese students is quite low. Classes are conversation-based and guide students towards natural English pronunciation. →Visit the school’s page


・Receive precise feedback on your performance through fortnightly one on one interviews
・While the atmosphere is cozy, it's off-limits to speak your mother tongue on school grounds!
・Above all else the school prides itself on the quality of its teachers who don't cut any corners with their teaching methods!

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Access Language Centre Sydney

Access Language Centre has a balanced mixture of student nationalities, many from European countries. With many conversation-centred courses students can improve necessary English communication and conversation skills while living in Australia. Access is known for its English internship programs, making it the perfect school for people who are aiming to work in foreign-owned companies and want to gain some experience in a local Australian business. →Visit the school's page/span>


・Make friends from all over the world in a school with a balanced student nationality ratio.
・Experience working in a local business via internship and gain the edge you need to secure a job in your home country
・Improve your speaking ability with conversation-centred classes

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ABILITY English Sydney

ABILITY’s popular Pronunciation and Fluency course employs speech experts to teach students the tools needed for achieving perfect pronunciation, including training muscles in the mouth unused in other languages. Survivor English is another unique course where students complete weekly tasks to help them speak native-like English with confidence. This is a great course for people who really want to develop confidence in English. →Visit the school’s page


・Build confidence speaking English with unique programs like the Survivor English and Pronunciation and Fluency courses!
・The school has won numerous awards with its great courses, teachers and facilities
・Full of international character with plenty of activities to participate in

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Greenwich English College

Greenwich English College is a popular school boasting the most Cambridge Examination courses in Sydney. Student satisfaction is high, one of the reasons being that with periodic counselling sessions students can maintain sound English goals. There are also a variety of afterschool classes that students can freely participate in. This is a great school for people who want to get official certification before returning to their home country. →Visit the school’s page


・The school maintains a high student pass-rate with expert teacher direction in popular Cambridge Examination courses High rate of student pass-rates under expert teacher direction in popular Cambridge Examination courses
・Japanese staff are on site to help at any time, and give great advice in relation to English-related questions
・A variety of optional classes and activities after school give you more chances to improve your language skills

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SELC Bondi

SELC Bondi has been in business for 28 years. Speaking one’s mother tongue on campus is strictly prohibited! One popular course here is the English + Professional Barista Training course. Learn not only how to make coffee but also the English essential for interacting with customers the SELC cafe, adding an advantageous boost to your future job hunting endeavors. This is a great school with experienced teachers and staff who support the students, perfect for first-timers studying abroad. →Visit the school’s page


・Multicultural campus with many European students close to Bondi Beach
・Up your job prospects with the professional barista training course!
・First-time study abroad students will feel reassured with some workshops conducted in Japanese

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SELC City is another SELC campus located right in the middle of the city. The school enforces a strict no-native language policy. Like the Bondi campus, this school also has cafe facilities and offers the same barista course for students looking to gain an edge to their resumes. Take classes at a level appropriate for your skills with General English classes divided into 9 different levels. This school has a balanced ratio of students from all over the world and a high satisfaction rating. →Visit the school’s page


・Using your native language on campus is prohibited! Take a shortcut to English proficiency in a strict English-only environment!
・Acquire customer service skills with the popular barista course
・Get an understanding of your own English level with classes divided into 9 distinct levels

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Each school has different qualities and features. You should be able to find the right school for you after examining your own language learning goals and objectives. The best thing to do is research these schools and find out what they are about for yourself. Language schools are a big expense, and as such it is best to choose a school that satisfies your needs and wants. First, we want to help you find that one school that excites you enough to want to attend. Here at Sharehouse Australia we take reservations for free campus tours and trial lessons, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. (Contact us)