A house strengthening cultural exchange between sharemates from all over the world

Sharemates from all over the world like Italy, Brazil, England, Poland, Japan gather together in this house. I wonder if they all lived in similar accommodation before coming overseas? They might have even imagined that they would be living with Australians over here. The truth is that Australia is an international environment. Sydney in particular is a popular city, always a gathering place for people from around the world. Having the house in which you live as a small world in itself is an amazing thing, don’t you think?

Today we are looking at Come2stay, a large company in the sharehouse industry looking after 75 properties around Sydney as of April, 2015. The company’s great support system and friendly owner results in many long-term residents, and guests also enjoy a close relationship with the staff who are always on hand to help out in times of need. Come2au don’t want people to live in cramped, illegal living conditions with a million other residents just because rent is expensive in Australia. They are intent on providing clean and comfortable accommodation in an above board environment.

This house is in Kogarah, a convenient town with shops and facilities such as cafes, restaurants, a large supermarket and also a library near the local train station, and a beach located 15-minute walk away. The house itself is a 5-minute walk from the station, from which you can take a train to the city in 20 minutes. It’s the perfect property for people who want to live on the cheap away from the city center.

Let’s have a look at the house!

「Come2au Princess Hwy Kogarah」House Details Page


Enjoy a spacious environment in a penthouse-style secured apartment

The front door opens to a spacious living and dining area which continues out onto a balcony. This 2-storey property is penthouse-style living.


The living room is immediately left of the front entrance.


The dining room and balcony beyond.


The fully-equipped open kitchen is a place to cook and interact

The living, dining and kitchen are situated in an open plan area, so residents can enjoy chatting with others while cooking at the same time.


The second floor rooms and bathroom are accessible by this staircase.


The first floor toilet, laundry and common room.


The second floor bathroom and toilet.


Single rooms are popular and always occupied.


The most popular twin room.


Rooms are also properly equipped with storage space.


The master bedroom comes with an en suite.


The drawing point of the property is its large, L-shaped balcony

Standing out on this balcony makes one feel as though they’re close to the sky. This apartment is on the 7th floor and with such a great view residents can relax with a book outside when the weather is fine or even enjoy a BBQ among sharemates. The balcony is a place for resident interaction and is a must-see itself.


This place has the kind of spaciousness and freedom impossible to find living in the city. It’s also in a great location surrounded by nature with the beach a 15 minute walk away. The house is also in top condition and is the perfect English-language environment property. One thing I noticed during inspection was that this house was a very bright and sunny place. Many people place importance on properties with many windows and bright atmospheres when looking for a place to live.

Overall the rooms in this house are big and spacious, and even people experiencing room share for the first time won’t feel cramped or crowded. This is also the perfect place for people who don’t do well in old houses. Memories are waiting to be made with new sharemates here, and you will surely live a high quality lifestyle as well.

According to the owner of Come2au, the important thing about shared living is creating and deepening relationships. The idea is not to lock yourself in your room shut off from communication, but to make an effort to enjoy conversation with your sharemates and cherish the friendships created in the house. Living in a sharehouse will hopefully lead to an active Australian social life. Have fun spending time with your sharemates in this comfortable home in Kogarah!

/Author: Kaori

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