This school has the best environment in which to enjoy student life, hosting exchange students from 35 different countries throughout the year!

English Language Company maintains such a great balance of nationalities that it is often associated with having many European students. The campus has a constant international atmosphere with students in attendance from 35 different countries around the world. At this school there is no need to stress over being lumped together with people from your own country when you’ve made the effort to come all the way to Australia! There is no doubt that student life here will be a blast when you have the opportunity to meet people from other countries and easily make new friends every day!

ELC was established by the experienced English language educator owner not only in Australia but also in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland and China. The school understands the needs of its students by drawing on their experience in each country. The Sydney campus is located in the center of the city easily accessible by bus or train, and with many restaurants and cafes to be found near by students are sure to enjoy their Sydney lifestyles to the fullest. The school also provides original support services for job seekers, helping students to find employment amidst the difficult overseas job market.

ELC has received numerous awards and guarantees top quality classes. The school constantly maintains an international environment and is known for its high level of student satisfaction. In this article we will look more closely at why this school is so popular, and also have a sneak peak into the campus.

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Point ①:SWAP, the free job seeker support service for all students

Many students worry about finding a job after graduation. ELC provides their own work program called SWAP(Student Work Assistance Program) preparing students for work in Australia by helping students with opening a bank account, applying for a tax file number and informing students on topics such as the working environment and pay systems in Australia. Students also receive advice on their resumes, interview techniques, and act as an employment agency that helps students find work.

There is also a paid program available, called the Work and Travel program, that is open to applications only before arrival, which gives students access to a list of jobs all around the country for a 12 month period. A 24-hour support service and social activities program is also included in the package.


The school is committed to providing one-on-one support to each student with a maximum of 15 people to a class.


General English caters to 7 different ability levels and classes focus on speaking and conversation.


All teachers, even experienced ones, undertake training periodically to maintain the quality of their classes.



Point ②:Tailor your course to fit your personal objectives

The ELC system works with general English classes in the morning, followed by 1 hour of an elective class after lunch, known as Special Focus Modules, which students can choose every four weeks to fit their individual needs or interests.

・SLV (Speaking, Listening&Vocabulary)
・International Business English
・Survival English
・English for Hospitality and Tourism
・IELTS Preparation

The last class of the day is English Extras, an optional class focusing special interests. There are many unique classes, such as Australian Wildlife, that will make you want to study even though the classes are entirely optional.

・Fluency Fastrack
・Work OZ
・TV and Media Studies
・Australian Studies
・Film Club
・Social Soccer


70% of students say they are 100% satisfied! The school always receives a lot of positive feedback from students.


New students often come to the school after hearing good things through word of mouth.

We spoke to Paljor from marketing about the school’s main points.

---Paljor, can you tell us why you would recommend this school?

Paljor:Our excellent teachers set us apart from the rest. They are highly qualified with university degrees and TESOL certification, with much experience behind them. With small-scale classes are capped at 15 students, they are strongly aware of each student and their individual goals and make sure to provide the right support for all.

---Please give a message to all those out there thinking about studying in Sydney!

Paljor:Sydney is the best place to live and study. The city is safe and has a convenient public transport system. It’s easy to get around and I imagine you’ll be able to live quite comfortably here. Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and also an international one. You’ll never get bored here and find something different to do every day with the great social entertainment scene. The nightlife thrives with concerts, movies, theatre, restaurants and more. The city offers you a myriad of opportunities with its warm climate. There are many outdoor activities to experience, including scuba diving, whale watching and bushwalking close to the city. Out in the suburbs beaches, rainforests and the wondrous Blue Mountains are a short drive away. You can book day trips to popular tourist destinations right at our own travel desk on campus. Australia is a very friendly country whose people always welcome visitors from overseas warmly. You’ll surely be surprised at how friendly people are in stores and restaurants here. Australians love to talk, making this the perfect place to improve your English skills. Should you choose to come to Australia we are sure you’ll have the time of your life. We look forward to meeting every single person considering coming to this brilliant country of Australia when you get here!


The ground floor reception.


Inside one of the classes.


There is even a travel desk on campus!


Computers are available to use for students.


Check work-relevant notices here!


The campus has plenty of lounge areas.

I doubt there are many language schools with their very own travel desks on campus around here. This particular campus is full of laughter and always has some kind of activity going on. By checking out the school myself I was able to see what a great mix of nationalities there is among the students. There is no doubt that with such diversity there is a great environment for speaking English naturally, partly due to the school English Only policy. This is an amazing school who not only cares for its own students, but also offered this reporter the same hospitality when visiting to collect data for this article.

The fact that there is a support system in place for students to find employment makes this school your biggest ally. Knowing how to look for and secure a job will be your key to living in Australia. English Language Company has a cheerful atmosphere for students to learn, laugh and play all the while improving their English skills!

/Author: Kaori