A sharehouse within a secured, luxury apartment building with fantastic facilities

There are many different types of sharehouses in Australia, including houses, units and secured apartments. Secured apartments in particular are popular with females. Supertop is one of these such apartments, and provides an environment for a small number of people to share together. This large scale apartment complex has separate entrances for each building. Residents here enjoy perks such as free use of the communal pool and gym. Supertop provide apartments for 2-3 persons and currently manage approximately 6-8 apartments in the complex.

The apartment complex is located in Maroubra Junction, an area concentrated with everything one needs in their daily life including banks, supermarkets, a post office and cafe and restaurants. Buses bound for the city leave right in front of the complex and take approximately 35 minutes to arrive. With Maroubra beach nearby, this is the perfect place for people who wish to live in a relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet still have access to life’s conveniences.

Let’s have a look inside the house!



All sharehouses have a dining area and living room

While the overall layout of the apartments may differ, they all have a dining area and living room. As most of the interaction among sharemates will occur in the living and dining rooms it’s important not to overlook these areas in a sharehouse. Relax and enjoy having a place to hang out like this.


The living room of a different apartment. The atmosphere is very bright and cheerful looking out onto the balcony. It would almost be a crime to lock yourself away in your room with all of this space to use!


The dining area near the front entrance. The spacious, open kitchen lets you enjoy the company of your housemates while cooking up a storm.


This is a single room. As most rooms are twin or triple, single-type rooms always fill up fast.


Triple rooms usually occupy the master bedroom of the apartment with an en suite.


Some rooms even have a walk-in wardrobe!


Ground floor apartments come with a spacious terrace.


There is a laundry room in each apartment with a washing machine and dryer free to use.


Try to abide by the house rule of cleaning what you use!


All housemates work together to keep the kitchen clean on rotating roster.


With all apartments having two bathrooms there is no need to worry about crowding!


A hallway inside the apartment complex. Quiet like a hotel, everything is neat and tidy.


There is a room with garbage bins on each floor.


There are bins each for burnable and non-burnable rubbish.


The gym, free to use for all residents. Exercise here for free for as long as you reside in the complex.


The swimming pool in the gym also has a jacuzzi and sauna, all of which can be used free of charge.


The complex exterior. There is also a membership-only gym, large supermarket, post office and restaurants, making for a very convenient location indeed.


Mailboxes are located safe and sound inside the security door.

I strongly feel that both the management operating these sharehouses and the residents living in them have a high level of satisfaction in these apartments. At first I was surprised at the sheer size of the complex itself, however there is no doubt that with the inner courtyard, pool and gym facilities, care is taken to make sure that the residents here are living very comfortably.

This is the perfect sharehouse environment for first-time sharers coming from overseas, or those who are particular about quality, due to the cleanliness of the apartments and the fact that the complex is secure. Another selling point is that these apartments provide an international environment even in the home with many guests from different parts of the world living here. With single, twin and triple rooms to choose from, you can start a new life in Australia that fits your own budget!

/Author: Kaori

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