Well-established English school popular with long term students and people who wish to study at an Australian university

ELS has 83 campuses throughout 11 different countries, and the Australian schools are located in Sydney and Melbourne. This article will explore the Sydney campus.

ELS Universal English College (ELS UEC) is known for its direct entry to 40 vocational schools, universities and TAFEs, and students aiming to enter these schools do not need to sit an IELTS and TOEFL examination. Students who have not chosen or who are unsure of which higher education institution they should go to can relax with access to career consultations at ELS UEC.
The popular General English course is broken down into 12 levels to suit language ability and students can improve their skills while learning the basics.

This is a school suitable for people who are serious about learning!

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Let’s take a look at some of the popular courses at ESL UEC.

General English

What sets this course apart from the rest is that it is broken down into 12 different language levels. Considering that other schools usually offer around 5 to 7 levels, students can really study at the most suitable level for them at ESL UEC. Elementary and Intermediate levels aim to improve conversational ability focusing on speaking and listening.

  • 12 levels of English Proficiency
  • 4 week sessions / 20.8 class hours per week

level chart

Intensive English (EAP)

This course is suitable for students considering undertaking a university or vocational school degree through the pathway program. As the regular Academic English class is aimed at Intermediate and Upper Intermediate students, this course has classes starting at Beginner 101. Students can begin to learn Academic English skills from an Elementary level in this course. Students who successfully complete up to Level 108 students can proceed to the Academic English 3 program.

  • 8 levels of proficiency (Level 101~108 ※see chart above)
  • 4 week sessions / 25 class hours per week

Academic English 3&4

This course is suitable for students who are seeking direct entry into an Australian TAFE or university. There are two levels, AE3 and AE4. Classes are divided by student proficiency level and the school students wish to enter. Students will improve their academic reading abilities by learning about essay and report writing, lecture-note taking and strengthening their presentation skills.

  • AE3:Prepares students for further study at TAFE or a vocational college
  • AE4:Prepares students for further study at a university that requires an IELTS score of above 6.0.
  • The classes in this course are fast-paced. Many different topics are discussed and individual review and revision will be necessary.
  • 8 week course / 22.5 class hours per week

From this course students can gain direct entry to the following schools.

direct entry


There is a team of counselors on campus to talk to for career advice.


Certified, quality lecturers provide quality lectures.


Students intensively study specific subjects in skill strengthening classes.


Study using the latest equipment in the Language Technology Center.


Enjoy interacting with classmates from all over the world!


Receive help with things like local information, living arrangements and opening a bank account.

The Campus

The campus is minutes away from Circular Quay in the center of Sydney. It is located on a street lined with both traditional and modern buildings, and students can enjoy campus life smack bang in the middle of Sydney’s business district.


The Sydney campus exterior.


The school sign near the entrance.


The reception welcoming students and guests.


The library is full of English language learning materials.


Students can easily find out about further education at a university or TAFE here.


One of the classrooms.


Peek into other classes from outside.


WIFI is available throughout campus and computers are free to use.


The common area. Strengthen friendships over a game of table tennis.

The school also provides a safe and reliable homestay program. ELS staff visit potential homes themselves to judge whether or not the environment is suitable for students. Rather than entrusting their students to a family they know nothing about, the school treats ties with host families seriously.

A representative of ELS has said that ‘English proficiency is your passport to the world’. Being able to speak English will surely broaden your world and the opportunities available to you. There are many benefits to gain from speaking English, from gaining personal confidence to expanding your business. ELS UEC will be the school that opens the door to these opportunities for you. They firmly support all students who are serious about studying English.

/Author: Kaori