The largest English school in Australia welcomes students from over 100 different countries each year

Navitas English is a big company with 7 campuses set up around Australia. The school offers top quality courses and support to its students with over 30 years of experience behind them. Today we will look at the large-scale Sydney city campus which is host to roughly 600 students.

Navitas English is known as being a school centered on preparing students to get into university with ties universities and vocational schools around Australia. After completing the appropriate English course here students can gain direct entry into one of these schools. Navitas English shares a campus with a vocational school attended by Australian students, and one of the attractions of this English school is the opportunity to interact with locals. It is also possible to transfer to different campuses, meaning it’s entirely possible to continue one’s study at the Perth campus after first enrolling at the Sydney campus.

This is a great school for people who are serious about studying English.

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Class Details


The following are a few popular courses at Navitas.

General English

What sets this General English course apart from the rest is that between first and third period, in which normal classes are taught using a set textbook, comes an elective called myStudy™. myStudy™ is a system where students choose what to study across different platforms based on their own learning styles, incorporating the use of movies, computers and conversation. A teacher is stationed in each myStudy™ classroom to answer any questions you may have while studying.

  • 20 hour per week + 5 myStudy™ hours
  • 6 different levels from elementary to advanced




Academic English1&2&3

This is a course suitable for students thinking about studying at an Australian university. Navitas English has ties with as many as 50 vocational schools and universities to which students gain direct entry. In this course students will gain skills such as note taking, essay and report writing, presentations and group discussions to prepare them for university lectures. There are 3 Academic English levels, each a 10 week course.

  • Intermediate level course
  • 10 weeks per Academic English level / 20 hours a week + 5 myStudy™ hours

Students can gain direct entry to the following schools.

direct entry1


※Other popular courses include Professional English and exam preparation courses for Cambridge, IELTS and TOEIC.


Any worries about the future will be swept away with proper career counselling!


According to a 9000-student survey Navitas was rated as the number one school for student satisfaction in Australia!

The Campus

The school is located in a building a 2-minute walk from Wynyard station in the center of Sydney. Reception is on the 4th floor. There is a cafe and rest area on the 1F that gives students the opportunity to interact with the students of other vocational schools.


The myStudy online classroom.


Students can heat up their lunch in the kitchen.


Reception on the 4F. This is the place to come when you have a problem.


Students can borrow English materials and DVDs from the library.


The computer room is equipped with the latest technology. Free WIFI is available throughout the campus.


There is plenty of free space in which to sit down, relax and hang out with students from other classes!

Step into the Navitas English Sydney campus and you will first be amazed at its spacious interior and modern system. Students can experience something special studying in the office-style atmosphere here. Navitas also provide high quality classes and is known to rank high in satisfaction on student surveys. One great benefit of this school is that long term exchange students can transfer to another campus free of charge! In addition to English courses, the school also provides courses on Teaching English to Children and English Training packages and many students aim to acquire these qualifications in Australia before returning to their own countries.

Navitas English is a school providing quality facilities, quality classes and experienced, quality teachers. The school also has ties to as many as 50 universities and colleges, making a name for itself as a top class English language school in Australia.

/Author: Kaori