An English school connecting students with work through internships and work programs

Access Language Centre is a relatively cozy environment with around 280 students. It is also popular as a school where students can study English among a balanced mix of different nationalities. There are a diverse range of courses, including the conversation-based General English course where students can get plenty of study in without taking any work home in the 25-hour weekly intensive stream.

This school’s biggest selling point is its mini internship programs and its full-time Singapore work program. These programs help students to gain confidence in their English abilities in the workforce after they have mastered the language. Students will become fluent in English and become global individuals who can adapt in foreign environments.

Access has the support system needed for students to learn and master English and advance in their own endeavors.

This is a great school for people who want to use English professionally in the future, or who want to add something extra to their English learning adventure while they are in Australia by gaining work experience.

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Programs with a little bit extra


Work and Study Program

This is an internship program for students who want to add something extra to their English learning by gaining work experience in local organizations, or for those who want to test themselves on how well they can adapt in a foreign culture.

  • Students will gain 1~8 weeks experience as an intern after completing language training
  • Elementary level students may apply, however a certain degree of knowledge of English is a required for different host organizations.
  • Main host organizations: Child care center, cafe, pet salon, golf course, flower shop
  • There are application date requirements and separate program fees.


Singapore Work Program

This is a program where students first study English in Australia before attaining an employment visa and working in Singapore as a full-time employee. Fulfill your dreams of working overseas in Singapore, one of the economic centers of Asia.

  • Referrals for employment in your desired field
  • Strengthen one’s interview skills in English
  • This program is for upper intermediate English speakers. There are separate program fees.

<Requirements for Singapore Business Visa>

  • Completion of a 4-year university degree
  • A minimum of 2 years of work experience
  • A TOEIC score of 700 or above

※Other popular courses include Professional English and exam preparation courses for Cambridge, IELTS and TOEIC.

Class Overview


Here we will look at the most popular courses at Access.

General English

The conversation-focused General English course boasts a diverse range of classes. Master the skills you need to speak freely by repeating role play exercises according to your level. One popular teacher always starts his classes by telling the students that he love mistakes, guiding his students to proficiency through their errors.

  • 25 hours of class time per week
  • 6 levels from Beginner to Advanced



Karen is the teacher in charge of Business English and is a women with experience in business management. It’s a very popular course with students requesting Karen’s classes. Students will learn not only how to compose business letters and emails, but also about negotiation and management, expressing oneself during interviews, and the cultural differences that emerge in international business dealings.

  • Intermediate level 5 is required.
  • Courses length is 4 to 8 weeks.

※Other popular courses include Academic English and exam preparation courses for Cambridge, IELTS and TOEIC.

The Campus

The Access Language Centre campus is approximately 5-minutes from Central Station on foot. Stylish shops and cafes popular with the locals share the neighborhood. The campus is in a very convenient location with a supermarket and bank nearby.


The school exterior.


The study room on the ground floor.


Students can use audio devices for self study here.


The 1F kitchen and common lounge space.


International Food Day, a cultural exchange event.


Students can participate in weekend activities like this surf camp!

There is always an international atmosphere on campus at Access Language Centre. An English language environment is in place with a balanced mix of students from different nationalities. This is a school that assists its students in their next stage of life after learning English. The support doesn’t end at English instruction, with a system in place to help students with work and internships. The staff are friendly, easy to approach and committed to the success of each and every student.

This is one of the best schools for people who are seriously thinking about international employment and who want a little something extra added to their English learning experience!

/Author: Kaori