Relax and enjoy life at Ama Share Osaka, a new sharehouse located in the heart of Osaka!

A new, 13-room sharehouse in Osaka -- what new stories await us at Ama Share Osaka?
Ama means ‘love’ in Latin. The thoughts and feelings of each housemate merge together in a shared living environment to create a special lifestyle for all. While there are many chic and stylish sharehouses renovated from old properties, this house in particular has been newly constructed. Its white color-scheme creates a remarkably clean, fresh impact. One special feature of the property is that the living room opens out onto a verandah, achieving a spaciousness to the communal area. This property is everything one needs in a sharehouse.
The house is located on the corner of Route 26 and the Tsurumibashi Arcade, right in front of the entrance to the arcade. With bargain supermarket Tamade nearby, it’s a great area to live in on a budget. Also, nearby subway station Hanazonocho station on the Yotsubashi line is only a 1-minute walk from the house. The Yotsubashi line is a convenient route to places like Umeda (Nishi Umeda Station) and Namba. Nishi Umeda station is right near Osaka station. The line also runs through business district Motomachi, making an easy commute for office workers.
This sharehouse is 5 minutes to Namba, 15 minutes to Nishi Umeda and close to the city center.
Let’s have a look inside the property.

「Ama share Osaka」for more detail


The white color of this building makes it stand out on the street. The sharehouse is on the second and third floors here.

Paid car and bicycle parking is available in front of the building. The house is in an interesting location near the entrance of an arcade. The perfect Osakan lifestyle without inconvenience awaits.


Natural light streams in through the glass door unobstructed by surrounding buildings.


Light also streams down the hallway. The combination of white color, wooden accents and sunlight bring about a refined atmosphere.

1_B3_ama_58_box 2

Locked mailboxes, a must-have for residents, are located at the bottom of the stairs outside.

1_B4_ama_57_nimotsu 2

A mailbox for parcels, a rare sight in a one room apartment let alone a sharehouse.


The closest train station to the house is Hanazonocho station. The sharehouse is as close as a 1-minute walk from Exit 2.


To get to the house, head north and past Resona Bank on the left.


On the left you will see a Matsunoya tonkatsu restaurant. The sharehouse takes up the second and third floor of this building.


A rare layout has the living room opening directly out onto the verandah

On sunny days residents can prepare their food in the kitchen and then carry it on over outside to eat. It’s easy to imagine all of the housemates spending time together out on the verandah every night.


The eastern wall facing the road is all window and makes for happy mornings.


These designer chairs are both sturdy and comfortable.


Storage boxes are hidden away out of sight beneath the dining table.


To the right of the living room door is the sofa area where residents can relax.


What is a sofa without an ottoman? The colorful design of this one adds liveliness to the otherwise simple design of the room.


These chairs by the window are always popular on sunny days.


The spacious verandah. Only in a sharehouse can you experience this kind of oasis in the middle of the city.


The television and green houseplant decorating this white wall create a picture-perfect scene.


The kitchen and its white color-scheme blend unobtrusively into the relaxing atmosphere of the living area.


A chic chair and stool. The gentle, light green hue of the chair legs fits in perfectly with the house interior.


A few bird ornaments and hourglasses sit atop the table, adding a bit of high sense and fun to the room.


Great importance is placed on the safety and wellbeing of the residents, and the house is fitted with an ALSOK home security system.


The bathroom, toilet and laundry facilities are conveniently located together, helping to create a stress-free living environment.

There are washing machines and a bathroom in this room, and plenty of space for more than a few people to move about.


A chair at the end of the hallway makes you vaguely feel like you’re in a museum of modern art.


The staircase connecting the second and third floors is also quite spacious.


There are 4 toilets, two of which are for female use only.


The female-exclusive symbol is easy to recognise. This is the female shower.


There are two showers. One is female-only.


There is 1 bathroom with a bathtub. That makes 1 bath and 2 showers between 13 residents.


Minimalist rooms are aromatic with the scent of wood and simply furnished, perfect for a new start.

Moving house or out of home is a turning point in one’s life. Share the adventure with other housemates at Ama Share Osaka.


Room 11. Furniture differs from room to room, and everyone is sure to find the perfect place for them.


Room 13. This room has a kind of Scandinavian feel to it.


Storage boxes under the bed.


A rack hangs down from the ceiling.


The turquoise blue of the chair cushion perfectly matches its wooden legs and the desk.

Ama Share Osaka is managed by Sanadayama Real Estate.

Sanadayama Real Estate has the knowledge and know-how on running sharehouses, also looking after an old Japanese ryokan-turned-sharehouseSanadayama House in the Tsuruhashi area. The company’s main business is in real estate, and as such the staff can tell you all about the pros and cons of the property and location, helping you make the decision to move in.

A sharehouse means cohabitation. While you may feel cramped at times, living in a sharehouse environment will double your happiness and pleasure. You should build up social experiences through the small communities that are sharehouses.
Ama Share Osaka is a newly constructed property, a rare feature among sharehouses, and is the perfect house for turning over a new leaf. If you are thinking about making a new start, consider living in Osaka at Ama Share Osaka. Experience your own personal shared lifestyle in Osaka!

/Author: Takahashi

ama Share Osaka
House Detailama Share Osaka
Area Tsurumibashi 1 Osaka Nishinari-ku, Osaka
Rent ¥38,000 ~ ¥44,000
Yotsubashi Line Hanazno Staion 1 min walk
Nankai Kouya Line Hagino Chaya Station 3 min walk
Condition Male, Female

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