Share Life with starting from changing the place and environment

How about “MAHOROMA”life in Dazaifu?If you stay “Dazaifu Chikushino Sharehouse MAHOROMA”, you can pass the calmful days,this house organize the good atmosphere to those who want to settle down.

Daziafu and Chikushinno areas are commuter town for Fukuoka city which is more like local area than the central of Fukuoka City.but actually this area was cultural center of Kyushu as well as Japan long time ago,so it is very historical area. Not just Historic there are also Educational organizations.This area have you days good life qualities.Good points of house,house was made of luxurious japanese woods,it is pretty spacy. you cannot live unless you choose living in shared accommodation.

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A luxurious Japanese mansion sat on a hill, surrounded in luxurious green for the taking

With such a large and lavish space to live in, your lifestyle will be born again as ‘mahoroma’, meaning ‘beautiful place’. The door opens to a new lifestyle you’ve never had before.


A calm atmosphere permeates the surroundings from the sliding door.


The entrance is made with luxurious wood, creating a warm feeling.


The entrance is fitted with a large shoebox. All sizes, from small to large, are set up, including umbrella space.


A large, plush living space of 21 Jō

From the living room window you can see forest behind the mountain, making you feel as if you were living in a villa. There’s a clear contrast here to the daytime city life.


The table set in the living room sits 8 people.


From the second floor veranda, it almost feels as if you could touch the trees of the forest; that’s just how close they are.


At the end of the living room is a sofa and TV, adding to your relaxing time.


The wide, open kitchen is an easy-to-use L-shape, and is recommended to those who like cooking.


The kitchen is fitted with all types of cooking equipment, so you can start your new life right away.


After coming through the entrance, the stairs to the second floor are on your left./p>


The landing area of the entrance is really large, so you never feel compacted or tight.


The second floor also has a large landing.


The bathtub is big enough to stretch your legs; if you use it everyday, it’s got to be the best.

The bathtub is good enough to feel like you’re back at home. The window is also large and the ventilation is on point.


There are two toilets; the toilets are both washlet types.


The wash basin is a shower-fitted type with emphasis on ease-of-use. There’s plenty of room to change, as well.


The second floor shower room. There are seven to a single shower room and one bathroom.


Room 102, the larget room at 17 m2.

There are 7 rooms in all, with each room larger than 10m2. Each room has a large window from where you can see the bright, green scenery.


Room 101. Corner rooms are always popular.


Room 103. From the window you can see a wall of green.


Room 205. The second floor also has a veranda, so it’s very useful for hang-drying your clothes.


Room 206 and 207 are simple. Size-wise they’re literally built like a one-room apartment.


Room 208. The room is built as if it was split into two separate rooms.


The storage space is also especially large. You won’t have trouble with even suitcases.


Dazaifu Tenmanguugaku: The God of Learning, Fascination and Misery

The Dazaifu Tenmanguugaku shrine is the main shrine of 12,000 shrines nationwide dedicated to Sugawara-no-Michizane. Dazaifu is blessed with plenty of nature and historical artifacts, and approximately 15% of it is designated as a historic site, making it a historic city.


Fukuoka prefectures number one tourist site. Dazaifu Tenmanguugaku is the god of learning, so the area becomes very lively during testing seasons.


It’s a warming feeling to have a shrine path near your house; a feeling of something new.


The Kyushu National Museum: 160m x 80m and long and a bumpy shape makes first impressions strong.

With Fukuoka city being a place of interest in the prefecture and seeing a rise in population, recently more and more people are migrating to Fukuoka city and the surrounding regions. While sharehouses are often thought of as places for individual, city-driven lifestyles, this is becoming a house where people from outside of Fukuoka can come, live, and ultimately experience even the outer reaches of Fukuoka. We recommend it to those who truly want to know Fukuoka.

The property introduced in this article made us feel a new way about how to start a new life in Fukuoka. ‘Dazaifu Chikushino Sharehouse Mahorama’ seeks out a higher standard of living. If similar minded people can gather together, then we feel that you can have an even better lifestyle than the one you were expecting.

/Author: タカハシ