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Trip and traveling is similar word but different in meanings. Purpose of “trip” is sightseeing and the destination is decided from the beginning . On the other hand, “travel” embraces whole process of getting to the destination. Well, at least that’s what I interpret. There are things you can only appreciate at the place, like the nature, experience and communication with local people. Sometimes you can encounter travelers like yourself. Enjoying these kinds of incidents is the best part of traveling.

Focusing on “people”, there are some points you can experience the similar feeling by living in the share house. Feature of the share houses such as rapid change of residents compared to apartment and sharing space for residents to communicate enables to build relationship with many people in short terms. Difference between share house and traveling is the strength of connection. Although the term is said to be short, you will be sharing household for more than half a year with other residents. Meanwhile, bond like a family will be created among residents.

The share house we introduce you today has concept of “travel”. Travel lovers with various personalities are thought to gather at the share house. I have joined the opening event and private viewing precedent to the official opening this spring. Let’s get a sneak peek inside right away!

For more information about Bonding share house -tabicco-, click here.


Tabicco, the huge share house we introduce today is located in calm resident district, 10 minutes walk from Settsu station of Hankyu line in Osaka. It was once a company dormitory.


 Up to 30 residents can live here. Entrance is broad enough so you won’t feel stressed out with many people going in and out.


Near the entrance, there’s a concierge’s room which no longer has been used. It is the remains from the company dormitory. Please don’t enter since it has not been used for some time.


The isle on the right leads to living room. The sign says “Reception is here”. Private viewing event was held on the day we visited.


This is the photo of the living space we shot before the event. It’s neat and very clean since it has just opened.


At the center, symbolic tree of tabicco is standing, growing straight to the ceiling. Pictures of memories here at tabicco is planned to be tied to the tree branch. The idea to resemble pictures as a leaf is very unique!


There hangs a hammock besides the tree.


The room looks bigger from this angle. You can go to the kitchen straight from the living room.


There are 3 cooking stoves and 2 IH plates. You probably won’t feel inconvenient event when the timing of cooking overlaps.


A red pot looks nice in the kitchen. Good thing about share house is that there’s full line up of dishes and cooking items needed for living.


From now on, we would like to follow the people gathered for private viewing.


Seeing it for the first time, they seem to be fully interested at the share house.


People are looking into this shower box. Compared to the ordinary share house, you may get the impression that the dressing space is bigger.


Don’t worry! There is bathtub for those who want to soak in.


Near the entrance is a bathroom exclusively for women.


This is it! The bathtub is wide enough to fit 2-3 people at the same time. Big bath is pleasant to take every day.


Enough viewing the 1st floor, let’s move on to the second floor of private rooms.


By climbing up the steps with sunlight pouring


you will get to the room with both bathroom and laundry, and the isle that leads to private rooms.


The bathroom has bidet function and a heated seat!


The layouts are similar on the third floor but space with bathroom is exclusively for women. Slightly special than the second floor!


It’s great to have a big mirror when putting on a make-up


The place has 2 washing machines on the third floor.


And this is the room of the tabicco.


This room is designed as a model room for women.


The wall paper differs in each room so you can pick one of your favorite as long as it’s vacant.


Every room has a closet this big. No worries for people with lots of belongings.


In addition to 3 floors of spaces, there’s rooftop free to use.


Above your head you can see beautiful blue sky of Osaka. They covered up the floor with wood tiles recently. You may enjoy BBQ with your share house family.


Just about the time we finished looking around the tabicco, setting for the event has been completed in the living room.


Beer bottles are lined up. The brands are from all over the world. I see, it’s to travel the world through beer.


Like a wine list, there were lists of the names and character of each beer. You may understand the feeling of drinking local beer when traveling.


The meal served was combination of Osaka and the countries around the world. The base is Takoyaki, the Osaka’s soul food, and there combined different country’s appetites. They were all so delicious and had sold out in a blink of an eye.


Confirming that everybody took a bottle of a beer, along with the toast of manager, opening party begins!


Since some were rare brands, the beer sold out fast, too.


People are strangers but most of them seemed to be friendly. Maybe travel lovers tend to have similar characters.


Taking a seat in the living room, chitchat goes on.


Some guests brought gifts (consumable goods like tissues and detergents) for the opening celebration. Things are very useful at the share house!


At the party, there was a live painting performance.


Painting the message to memorialize the opening of tabicco in a smooth manner with BGM.,


Finished! We took a picture together with the completed work. I didn’t notice there were this many people participating. Party went on with everyone smiling from the beginning to the end.



How did you like it? The share house “tabicco” we introduced today is run by Kizunabito Inc.

They use the best of their knowledge of running 4 share houses of their own brand to build the first share house in Osaka of 30 residents. The core concept of the Kizunaya brand is “Finding second family”. They throw events that enable to deepen the relationship between residents. At tabicco, they plan events with theme of travel as it is the concept of the share house. As for now, it is due to invite teacher every month to hold a cooking class with theme of dishes around the world. You may encounter recipes with less chance of learning and eating without this opportunity. This could make you interested in various countries via food.

For those with great experience in traveling or even beginners, tabicco will provide you a chance to meet people with same interest and further more “making family-like friends”. Travel around the world starts here at tabicco. How about traveling with your share house family?

/Author: Inamine 

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