8 residents play leading role at the share house newly open in March, 2018. The beginning of a new life.

Today, we are introducing you “ZEZE OSAKA –TESEN-” located at Jouto-ku, Osaka city. Jouto-ku is one of the 24 wards in Osaka and is said to be the safe district with lots of family type apartments. Since many residents live with their family, you can find huge supermarkets, electric store, and general hospital within walking distance, making the town squeezed with all the needed facility for living.

Calm and quiet atmosphere is the feature of Jouto-ku, with comforting distance from the central part of Osaka. Nearest station is Imafuku Tsurumi station, 5 min walk from house and will arrive at Osaka station approximately after 30 min ride without any train transfer. If you have time, like on weekends, it’s nice to take a ride on a bus to the Osaka station. It will take little more time than by train, but you can just sit, relax, and enjoy the scenery. To the Shinsaibashi station, famous downtown in Osaka, it only takes about 20 min ride by subway without any transfer. Isn’t that convenient?

“ZEZE OSAKA -TESEN-” located in the narrow aisle is newly built share house which is unlikely in the share housing business. The keyword and feature of the house is put it into these two words; “sophisticated fanciness” and “dense share life”. Owner of the house is a company which run stylish “Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka”, chosen as one of the world’s top 43 guest house. “ZEZE OSAKA -TESEN-” inherits the spirit, designed by the same artist as the hotel, making the sharehouse residents’ mutual communication comfortable and make them feel at ease. From exterior to interior, precise consideration was made, which I can guarantee that it’s extremely unique compared to other share houses in Osaka.
Now with expectation rising higher, let’s look into the house for real!

Let’s experience the virtual guide of “ZEZE OSAKA -TESEN-” by 360 view camera. 


Comfortable like a secret bar. Everyone can become one’s self and something new may be born.

Entering inside the building, broad and stylish living room full of sunlight pops into your eyes. There’s big sofa and iron table, which are all custom made for the house. Carefully picked furnitures and items compose the room. The well balanced design enhances residents’ motivation to build their own community with respect to each other’s personality. This is what makes ZEZE special.。


Just like a model room. Modest monotone design with only the colors white, black, and gray used.


Refrigerator, cooking items, and electric devices are fully equipped.


They have shelves for individual use. Wide space is convenient for mutual cooking with other residents.


At night, the room turns into a bar. Ideal, mature share house life awaits you.


Great space for 8 people to hang out. It is very fancy with the TV drama spirit! I would love to join!


The stairways are designed to bring in light. Sunlight pouring in the house, making warm and calm atmosphere during daytime.


Not 1st or 2nd but at mid 2nd floor is a playful study room only found in ZEZE.


Ample space to put books in! By bringing each other’s books and magazine, it will soon turn into resident’s custom made library


The scenery from the study room. Unusual sight refreshes your mind.


From the rooftop, you will see the old town of Osaka. In the distance, you may see Umeda.


The exterior of ZEZE. It stands at the corner of  the crossroad. The white corrugated sheet catches your eye.


ZEZE’s profound nameplate. You will be proud of the house you live in.


All bathroom, laundry, showering spaces are located on the 1st floor!

Sharing makes it possible for us to use better items. This area with simple white design looks pretty much easy to sweep up and seems cleanliness maintainable. By living together, you can expect higher rank environment and lifestyle. You will be aware of the positivity of sharing.  


Additional to the laundry machine, there’s also a drying machine equipped. It’s very convenient on rainy days or when you are in a hurry.


Two shower rooms, enough for small group share house.


Photo taken from the laundry space. Of course, hair dryer is at your service.


Bed, desk, chair are all there is. With minimum furniture, you can customize your room with your favorite items. 

Small share house with 3 rooms on the 1st and 5 rooms on the 2nd floor. Every room is basically the same design, but each ceiling cloth differs, makes slightly different from one another, adding originality. This is the very first time we did VR shooting in Osaka. For those wishing to experience the virtual preview of the house, please click here! →Start virtual viewing now


Closets are all on one side of the wall, creating no waste space in the room.


Room 202. I can feel neutral but warm atmosphere.


Each room have 6 outlets. Welcoming and convenient construction.

How did you like it? The share house “ZEZE OSAKA -TESEN-” I introduced to you today is run by Nihon Raise Inc.
There’s still few newly built share house in Osaka like this one. If you’re planning to start a new life here in Osaka, this house definitely  be one of the great choices. With utilizing know-hows of running “Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka”, I expect that mid-long term community management will succeed in their own way. For the sharing space in the house, there’s a plan to hire cleaning staff, eliminating burden and conflict among residents. You may share hobbies and your abilities, what you are good at, mutually with residents, and will be able to spend great time together. The designs are thought well of the residents’ daily life and enhancing communications. You can have your private time in the individual rooms whenever you want. Also with bar type living room and mid 2nd floor study room, you may enjoy the warm,secure, and creative life with your housemates. If you’re moving to Osaka for work or college, this definitely is my recommendation.

The share house “SEN OSAKA -TESEN-” opening at the same time as  “ZEZE OSAKA -TESEN-” also is a great choice. This one is more bigger in scale with residents up to 32  accommodable. Please carefully select according to your style.

/Author: Teruya

Area 〒536-0002 2 Imafukuhigashi, Joto-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
Rent ¥56,000 ~ ¥60,000
Nagahori-Tsurumi-Ryokuchi-Line Imafuku Tsurumi 3 mins walk
Condition Male, Female