Share house in Kinshi-cho; a city to experience Tokyo

Kinshi-cho is the city with a view of “Skytree”, the relatively new symbol of Tokyo. You can see the landmark almost anywhere from the city, which makes you realize that you are in Tokyo.

A life in Kinshi-cho. With two train line, Tokyo metro Hanzomon line and JR line available, makes it easy to access the central part of Tokyo. There are plenty of shopping sites such as supermarket open till late in the evening, 24h open convenience stores, and even shopping malls. These shops and parks are located within 10 minutes walk from the station, enabling you to spend your weekend without leaving the city.

Even though you can live all by yourselves without any problems, it may be a feeling of loneliness which drives people to choose share houses.

A living room with someone warmly welcoming you home, and share mates greeting each other in the morning. The choices you can make either to chill out in your private room or having a blast with share mates. These are one of the positive aspects of living in a share house.

Today, let’s take a closer look at the “Couverture Kinshi-cho Ⅱ”, a share house located near Kinshi-cho station.

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A warm spirited wooden gateway for over 30 residences

It is 7 minutes walk from Kinshi-cho station. From its’ fancy entrance, people may consider it as a hideaway cafe or hair salon at first sight. Pay attention to this massive amount of mail posts. The image of the popular Japanese share house reality show may have given you an idea of share house with residents up to 6.

Couverture Kinshi-cho Ⅱ, on the other hand, can accommodate residents up to 33. It is a large-scaled gender free share house.

You may not fully imagine what it is like to share a house with so many people. We hope to provide you enough details of the life here with plenty of photos of the house. Please take a look and build up a image of how the life will be like living here.



his is the shoes locker room. One door space per residence.


You can see two microwaves, a toaster, and two rice steamer. Electric kettles are also equipped. Seems like enough number for 33 residents.

Spend time together at the living room

Squeeze into the couch and watching TV together may be fun! There’s very few chance to sit with someone so close to each other when you grow up. This place will take you back to the old school days.

At the back, there’s a dining table with ample of daylight pouring in. Well cooked toast and coffee will fulfill your morning time before going to work. Fashionable days awaits you!


Green wall catches your eyes. A colour green has power to ease mind and body, making you feel relaxed. The balance between the white floor also has the effect.


You may have noticed by looking at these photos, there are 2 living rooms located on the different floors. Share house with such layout is very rare.


How about a drink on a Friday night at the small bar counter.


Bigger size dining table. Enough space to place 3 L-sized pizzas to share.


From the dining space, you can take a full view of the living room.



Get motivated by spacious and clean kitchen space!

Some of you may choose share house to cut the living expenses.

One-person households have minimum equipment and space in the kitchen. Cases like “Gas or IH stoves are equipped but not enough space in the sink to do the dishes” or “Not enough space to place cutting board” are often heard.

Kitchen at the Couverture Kinshi-cho Ⅱ is sufficient to cook daily foods. 2 IH stoves and enough space in between the sink and stove as you can see in the picture. The sink is normal family size. Enjoy daily cooking and lower your costs on food.


You can hang the laundry at the rooftop. Take in lots of sunlight and dry your laundry soft and fluffy.


From the deck terrace, you can probably find Skytree.


Most importantly, the significant individual rooms.

Spending time with share mates are precious, but you cannot disregard the time alone. Every room has bed, desk, and chair equipped with adequate security.

6 out of 33 rooms on the second floor have shower and restroom. Only few share house have these kind of individual rooms.

kinshicho_202 2
This photo shows room of 202.
They are the members of FOR.C Inc., the management company of the house.

The house is run by FOR.C Inc. They manage over 20 share houses in Tokyo. They aspire to construct houses where people can both enjoy community lives and respect privacy at the same time. “Alone but not lonely” is the concept, helping to build up a new ways of living in the city.

The residence we introduced to you today is “Couverture Kinshi-cho Ⅱ”. It is a large-sized share house with up to 33 residents accommodable.

Though lots of fun awaits you, it is easy to enumerate inconvenience of many people living together. FOR.C Inc. have took in these facts and designed the house with solutions towards these problems.

If you’re considering to live in Kinshi-cho, there may not be many options of comfortable apartment with the same amount of rent as this share house. Sharing makes living in the high quality facility possible with less rent.

If you can’t choose between quality and low rent, or wanting to realize both spending time together with someone but also have your own private time, share house “Couverture Kinshi-cho Ⅱ” is the place for you.


Couverture (Kuberuturu) Kinshicho Ⅱ
House DetailCouverture (Kuberuturu) Kinshicho Ⅱ
Area Sumida ku, Tokyo, green 4
Rent ¥54,000 ~ ¥76,000
JR Somu Line Kinshicho Station 7 minutes on foot
Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Kinshicho Station 7 minutes on foot
Condition Male, Female, 年齢制限あり




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