The Tokyu Dentetsu Corporation has announced it will open its food-themed sharehouse, STYLIOWITH Kamiikedai, in March, 2013.

STYLIOWITH Kamiikedai is a former company dormitory renovated into a share house and is located a 17-minute walk from Senzoku-Ike station on the Ikegami line and a 14-minute walk from Nishi-magome station on the Toei Asakusa line.

■Property Concept
Connecting people with the neighborhood ~Community Dining~ 
Food creates encounters, cultivates characters and fulfills lives.  It’s a place where those who place importance on food can cultivate their lives, be they aspiring chefs, foodies or just people who enjoy food. 

The name STYLIO comes from the English word ‘style’ and the Italian word for ‘I’ (‘io’) with the concept “Smart&ComfortStyle” expressing the meaning of “a classy place for people who take pride in themselves and their own style.”

Property Summary
Address: Tokyo-to, Oita-ku, Kamiikedai 5-37-8
Structure: 5-storey above ground reinforced concrete building 
Rooms: 71 
Lot size: 1,047.50㎡
Total floor space: 2,543.26㎡  
Room size: 8.28㎡~16.56㎡ 
Common areas: kitchen, dining room, lounge, work space, trunk room, toilet, shower, washroom, laundry room, service balcony
Rent: 50,000~66,000 yen (common area fees extra) 
Opening: March, 2014 (expected) 

【Press Release】
Tokyu Dentetsu to open 2nd share house, food-themed house “STYLIOWITH Kamiikedai”, in March.

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In today’s society we all too often end up eating fast foods and heavily processed goods. The opportunity to re-assess what food means to us while being thankful for those we meet in our lives may also allow us to recognise the culture and tradition in our surroundings.

New encounters, tastes and cultivation are just waiting to be discovered in our daily lives, and we look forward to the opening of this food-themed share house.