A mature sharehouse done up by its stylish owner!

A new property has made an entrance into the sharehouse scene in Osaka’s Asahi district, with reasonable rates the name of its game. And with residents paying less than 40,000 yen a month utilities included (accurate as of May 2015), it certainly is very reasonable. You may be slightly sceptical at the price, but all private rooms have 6.89m2 of space as well as being equipped with their own washstands. The reason for such low costs is that the property itself is a renovated 40-year old apartment building made out of wood. The redesign was taken care of by magico, a corporation operated by a design company, who have created a stylish interior full of fun.

Close by within walking distance is the Senbayashi arcade, which houses shops store like a supermarket for business purposes. With a 100-yen Lawson convenience store seconds away, the house proves to be in a very livable area. You could even say that this area is the best place for good value in Osaka. It’s a 4-minute walk to nearby Morishoji station on the Keihan line, although to tell you the truth you could easily ride to places like Kyobashi and Umeda by bicycle. This is definately a great place for bike users who work in the north of the city.

Let’s head on in and have a look!

「Shou-ju-en」House Details Page


A mere 5-minutes from nearby Morishoji station to Kyobashi

There is a supermarket with a Daiso 100 yen shop inside conveniently located in front of the station you will pass on your way home.


A street filled with shops near the station represents Osaka’s working class neighborhoods.


A supermarket for business purposes near the station. This is a great thing to have near a sharehouse! Put in with your sharemates and buy in bulk to save money.


The ticket gates at Morishoji station.


A long road extends out from the station towards the house. This everyday, familiar scenery helps one to compose himself.


The 100-yen Lawson convenience store within a 1-minute walk from the house. You can get a lot of value for your money in this area.



Come inside and find yourself immediately in an oasis for residents to hang out in

In addition to the kitchenettes (stoves available for rent) in the private rooms, there is also a communal kitchen for everybody to use. Residents apparently end up using this kitchen quite frequently. 


The entrance to Shou-ju-en has the feel of a secret hideout.


Stepping inside you’ll find the living room on your left and a staircase to the second floor straight ahead.


A shot of the common area. You’ll soon get to know your housemates living under the same roof and relaxing around the same table.


The shared kitchen. Everything seen here is free to use among housemates.


Watch all the movies you please with a live Hulu subscription. You could even watch foreign movies to study a language.


Deer artwork. Just by having this kind of thing in your living space immediately makes it more stylish.


A nostalgic blackboard hangs before the common area. You can use it to smoothly convey messages to your housemates.


A shot of the hallway. A 40-year old wooden apartment building has scrubbed up pretty nicely.


The toilet is fitted with a Japanese ‘washlet’ device.


A stylish illustration and message from the owner.


There is one shower on the 1F and another on the 2F, a total of two.


A drum-type washing machine. New machines will soon be added to make a total of three.


A corner room nameplate. These are handmade and differ from room to room.


Looking down from the 2F landing.


Japanese-style rooms are large enough to live in comfortably with 6.89m2 of space

Rooms come equipped with a closet, sink and refrigerator, making this property an absolute steal.


This room has floorboards, and beds are available to be lent out.


This room also has floorboards as well as a large window.


We spoke with magico about their thoughts and feelings on Shou-ju-en. 

The reason why they keep rent prices low is because they want to support their resident’s dreams and goals by making their lives a little bit easier. It’s not all about cheap prices, however. The company also works hard to provide a comfortable share environment for residents to live, and all potential housemates must talk with the owner at least once before moving in. 
Often sharehouses will impose age and sex restrictions to create communities within, however Shou-ju-en is the exact opposite. There are no particular conditions one must meet in regards to age, sex or occupation. The houses aims to create a community in which its members come in contact with people they would usually rarely interact with, and in turn broaden their own fields of vision. The current residents in the house are of varying age, occupation and nationality, yet all seem to be enjoying themselves living together as I witnessed firsthand in my personal visit there.

If you are looking to keep down costs and expand your horizons, I recommend Shou-ju-en for you. A positive experience is surely to be found here.

/Author: Takahashi

House DetailShoujuen
Area 1-chome 9-9, Morishoji, Asahi-ku, Osaka-shi
Rent ¥25,000 ~ ¥27,000
Morishouji:4 mins walk
Condition Male, Female

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