Get both comfortable life and interaction.

This house is a 3-minute walk from Senbayashi Omiya Station on the OSAKA METRO Tanimachi Line and a 10-minute walk from Senbayashi Station on the Keihan Railway. A new share house, "KAE OSAKA," will open in this vibrant city full of shopping streets!

 "KAE OSAKA" is named with the two meanings of "going home" and "getting home." The concept is "Adult share house from 25 years old." They have designed various ideas so that people who are busy with work and daily life can live calmly in well-equipped facilities. It is time for people in their late 20s to establish their work and lifestyle in their lives. As your life begins to stabilize, you'll be less monotonous every day, with fewer new encounters and opportunities to enter the community. If you want to have a chance to talk to strangers and want to create a new community, we recommend this share house.

This house is three stories high. The first floor is a common space, the second and third floors are residential spaces, and the third floor is exclusively for women. The common space is a living-dining style where the kitchen and living room are integrated. When we visited, we were surprised by the large sofas that appeared in overseas dramas and the slender horizontal bar counters like cafes. You can sit here and watch a movie or eat a meal. It was a space where you could imagine if you could have a conversation with people living together, you would be friends with nature.

This house is near the station and has good access to Osaka and Umeda stations. The shopping street is in front of the station. This shopping street is including shops which are cheap even in Osaka. 

Let's have a quick look inside of this house!

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Be yourself and relax, don't be nervous.

When we enter from the entrance, the first thing that comes into view is the fluffy sofa that appears in overseas dramas. It is a spacious space where everyone can gather and relax. A simple interior and wallpaper arrangements create a unified and peaceful area.

As you can see from the back of the picture, the living room and kitchen are integrated with a large counter, so you can cook rice and eat in the living room, sit down on the counter and watch TV, and use it freely. It may be fun to find your favorite places. They designed the resident to pass through this living room to return to their private room from the entrance. Even if you are nervous, it will be a place where you can start interacting with your housemates from your daily greetings.

リビング2 玄関
Living room from another point of view. The perfect big sized TV to watch a movie together is contracted with Netflix. Living room is next to this entrance. It is nice to have someone to say "I'm home" and "Welcome back" when you back to home. 




Have a great conversation make you feel warm.

 A big wooden bar counter with a total length of 8 meters. Not only as a dining table but also open notebooks for work or reading books, it is the perfect height for an extraordinary mood. The position of the lighting is also considered one by one, and it seems that at night you can create a mood-like space like a bar. It is likely to be a place where you can have a good time with your mate while drinking and talking, and sharing a meal with your share mates.

They also care about the number and color of home appliances. They chose a calm color so as not to destroy the whole atmosphere. Leveraging the expertise of operating in other houses, they adjusted the appliances to a sufficient number. It is a space where you can feel their care.

キッチン2 キッチン3


 Fancy wood stools like a cafe.   Kitchen view from the other side.



Spend your time in this calm, bright space.

Here is a private room with that bright and calm space based on white. The whole space of the building is made based on white, and the stairs, including the handrail, are completely white. It is an elegant space that you cannot think of as a steel building.

Because it's a share house, sometimes you may want to take care of your own time. It might be good to spend such a holiday, spending quietly alone in your own space.

個室2 洗面台
Sophisticated room based on white interior. Air conditioning, chairs and desks are provided.  A washroom with a big and bright mirror. 
商店街 商店街・喫茶店
This is a "Senbayashi Shopping Street" near the station. It seems to be a habit to shop here on the way home everyday.  A coffee shop "Roman" which is is the "Senbayashi Shopping Street." Omelette rice is recommended menu.



Get everything you wanted.

"KAE OSAKA" was created based on the concept of "A sharehouse for adults from the age of 25." The aim was to create ample space and calm space. If you are interested in a share house but are worried about working with the people around you or if you want to meet new people but don't dare to take a step, live in this sharehouse. After the visit, I felt again that it would be a house where a warm community spreads, and it would gently push the back to such people.

This house is managed by Nippon Rays Inc. They also run other share houses, and this is their third house. They even made their design and furniture choices. We asked them for the recommend point of this house.

株式会社日本レイズ TESEN事業部

Nippon Rays Inc. 

Excellent access, 3 minutes walk from the station and about 10 minutes to Osaka. In the "Senbayashi Shopping Street" that continues from the station, there are bakery shops, Japanese confectionery shops, and coffee shops that make you want to stop by on the way home.


The living room feels calm while being bright colors based on white and wood. Have a dinner at the 8m counter dining or watch a movie on an American style sofa. We made this house for those who spend a busy day going back and forth between the office and the house. We hope they can meet new people at this share house and share their luxury time.


Don't you want to get both know new people and calm life? Here is the perfect sharehouse for such people. We found here a form of community that is more than just work and home. Even if you not an outgoing person, the communication born naturally in your life will surely lead to new encounters. You may meet people who will be your lifetime colleagues through casual exchanges in your daily life.

Why not start a new life in this warmest place of Osaka? 

/Author:Akari, Photo: Kazuki, Providing people image:Nippon Rays.

House DetailKAE OSAKA by TESEN
Area 〒535-0002 3 Omiya, Asahi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
Rent ¥53,000 ~ ¥53,000
OSAKA METRO Tanimachi Line Sembayashi-Omiya Sta. 3 mins walk
KEIHAN Line Senbayashi Sta. 10 mins walk
Condition Male, Female

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