If only I could feel more of the goodness of Japan and the world in my daily life. If I could learn languages and experience various cultures. If you can do such things, your daily life will be more fulfilling than ever.

The sharehouse we'll introduce this time is "International Shared Residence/Flat Bolero Jodoji" in Kyoto.

The concept of the house is "Enjoy Kyoto. Enjoy the world. It's a designer share house where you can easily enjoy an international lifestyle.

Located on the site of a former Kyoto restaurant, this newly built designer share house was designed and supervised with a Zen motif, incorporating modern design while retaining the traditional atmosphere of Kyoto.

Located in the quiet Kitashirakawa area, the house is close to tourist spots such as Nanzenji Temple and Ginkakuji Temple, as well as the Karasuma and Kawaramachi areas, which are popular among young people in Kyoto, only 20 minutes away by bicycle or 15 minutes by bus, so you can enjoy living in Kyoto in all seasons. In addition, the nearest Jodoji bus stop is a 1-minute walk away. The location is also convenient for commuting to school and work.
Since most people in Kyoto live by bus or bicycle, this is an attractive area where you can live a life that is typical of Kyoto.

So let's take a look at the inside of the house!

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Living room with an attractive atrium

The living room, with its Japanese atmosphere and open atrium, is a two-story building that is actually three stories high, making the seven-meter-high space feel more spacious.
The walls are decorated with calligraphy by calligrapher Kashu Enohara, adding a gentle touch of color to the room. It's great to have such a stylish place to spend time with your housemates.

Attractive atrium - You can't experience that living alone. An inner garden full of Japanese flavor




Socialize in the open kitchen

The artificial marble system kitchen is designed to face each other, which is great for communal living. Mealtime is often a good opportunity for socializing, so being able to communicate while cooking is a great feature.

The sink is made of scratch-resistant ceramic. For parties and those who love to cook, there's also an oven and Tefal pots and pans with handles that can be removed to serve food straight to the table. You can enjoy cooking in a share house. It's very appealing.

The glasses are made of CRISTAL DARQUES crystal. You can also enjoy conversations in the kitchen and living room.



All rooms have a loft

The rooms have an attractive sense of openness that exceeds the area. The ceiling height with lofts is 1.5 stories high. You can make the most of the room area.

All rooms are always equipped with air conditioner, closet, mini-fridge, desk & chair. The Japanese paper blinds were custom made for the share house. The loft can also be used as a bed space, and is equipped with a mattress and a wooden floor.

It's a room where you can enjoy your own time as well.

It's nice to have a mini-fridge and workspace in your room as well. Loft space of 2 tatami mats.



A full range of pleasant facilities

On the second floor, there is a working space that is a delight in this day and age. This counter table is made of a single piece of cypress that was once used at the counter of a Kyoto restaurant and was reused as the top board. There is also an electrical outlet so you can devote yourself to your studies or work.

Also, bicycle parking is free of charge for up to one bicycle per person. The three shared bicycles in the bicycle parking lot can be used as many times as you want within 30 minutes for free with a membership fee of ¥1500/month or ¥6000/6 months. It's great to be able to easily go out into the city, isn't it?

There are about 80 free bicycle parking ports in Kyoto. The balcony is covered to prevent it from getting wet in the rain.
Washing machines and dryers are available for 200 yen and 100 yen respectively. The entrance is equipped with a smart lock.


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Gozan Okuribi (Bonfire of the Five Mountains) is held every year on August 16. In autumn, you can enjoy viewing the autumn leaves at Shinshou Gokurakuji Temple, which is about a 5-minute walk from the house

Enjoying Kyoto.

You can feel summer at the Gozan Okuribi (Bon Festival), and in autumn, you can take a stroll through temples and shrines. This is what Kyoto is all about.

You will be healed and stimulated by the scenery of Kyoto, which shows various faces throughout the seasons. You will be able to enjoy such pleasures not far from the property.

How was it?

You can really feel the traditional atmosphere of Kyoto in this house. In addition, "International Shared Residence/Flat Bolero Jodoji" actually offers Japanese lessons once a week by volunteers. Japanese lessons are offered by volunteers about once a week. The lessons are held in small groups, and the program is tailored to each student's level, making it easy to take semi-private lessons. The lesson fee is 500yen per 90 minutes, including the cost of materials. It's also attractive that you can take a lesson easily for just one coin.

Architect Naoyuki Hashimoto, who designed and supervised the project, created this "International Shared Residence/Flat Bolero Jodoji" with the hope of creating a base for international exchange for young people in the future.

In this house where people of various nationalities and generations gather, you can enjoy a pleasant life where you can come into contact with cultures and people you've never met before. Why don't you consider it?

/Author: Katsumi, Photo from OfficeK (Owner)



International Shared Residence/Flat Bolero Jodoji
House DetailInternational Shared Residence/Flat Bolero Jodoji
Area 4-1 Kamibanba-cho Jodoji Sakyo-ku Kyoto city, Kyoto, Japan
Rent -
Keihan Demachi-yanagi 10min. by Bus or Bicycle
City bus Jodoji 10min. by Walk
Condition Male, Female
Now fully occupied





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